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एक होता है कहना, एक होता है कर के दिखाना ये कर के दिखlने वालों में से हैं।

I got introduced to him by someone I had just met once for a business opportunity.

Somewhere in May 2020, when the first phase of lockdown was in place, the world was trying to figure out a global crisis; we got connected.

I had just published my first book, and he wanted to interview me. (What a feeling:))

He had just quit his job and had plans to begin his journey as a career coach.

One meeting converted to many conversations, in-person meets, exchanging notes, sharing learning and discovering a lot in common. The frequency matched, I would say.

There is nothing new with plans and goals, we all have them.

But very few of us convert them into actions and get the results we want.

Today, he has touched millions of lives through his blogging, turned into a published author, and has worked with thousands of people. in their career journey.

I call him a massive action taker, and I want to learn from him.

Jan 29, 5 PM Saturday I am going live on LinkedIn with Shyam Sadasivan.

Please share in your network if someone can benefit:)

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