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Acceptance is the first step to Action

"I will think many times before I speak. I lose a lot of relationships because of my short tempers."

Aahaana shared during group coaching.

Me: Have you discovered this today?

Aa: No, I have known this for some time.

Me: Why have you not done anything about it till now?

Aa: I thought it was cool to stick to "I am who I am."

Me: And?

Aa: I realise today that it is I who has been losing people by staying rigid. I need to change.

Me: When was the last time you shared this with someone?

Aa: This is the first time I have accepted it.

Me: So what new will you start today?

Aa: I will give a pause to myself every time I tend to get reactive.

Me: Define pause.

Aa: Take a few deep breaths.

Me: Give a number to few.

Aa: I will take three deep breath in situations where I may get angry.

Me: And how would you know you are improving?

Aa: I will know.

Me: What gets measured gets done.

Aa: I will count the number of times I have been able to control myself, every day.

Me: Good. And how do you know it is working?

Aa: I will speak to people around me, who see me day in and day out.

Aahaana took her first steps.

Acceptance is the first step to Action, to Change and towards becoming a better version of ourselves.

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