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Action and Persistence pay.

My first attempt for MBBS entrance came with a break in my education. I took admission in Delhi University as I was getting north campus. But for the first year, like a phantom student, I existed on papers only.

I did not make it to any MBBS college, so I had to continue with my graduation.

Challenge was not being allowed to attend classes because I skipped a year. Education without direction was going to be tough especially with a large part in Zoology being practical.

Got a hint that if the HOD allowed, I could attend like a regular student. My HOD was known to be tough.

I knew this was my best bet. I faced rejections several times, but I did not give up. Persistence paid off, and she allowed me to be a part of a few practical classes.

I put everything to it; I had to succeed.

That year my brother went to check my results and was looking for my name, bottoms-up. He was about to call me that my name was not there, but when he told me he found it in the top 3, I was thrilled.

The first person I could say thank to was my HOD for believing in me 😀.

After my final year, my parents got an invite to attend a reward ceremony where I was being awarded a gold medal for my performance over three years.

Action and persistence pay.


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