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Be Yourself! Be Truthful to Self!

Aahaana: A friend recommended me not to tell the right reason why I left my last job.

Me: Hmm

Aahaana: And I followed his advice. In interviews, I am citing a personal reason, I am not telling them that the unit was not doing well, and I had to quit. Me: So what is bothering you with the advice?

Aahaana: I am not sure about this choice. Me: Explain more.

Aahaana: I am uncomfortable misrepresenting, that's not me. Me: So why are you doing it?

Aahaana: Perhaps the desperation of getting a job. Me: Imagine when they find this out after you join?

Aahaana: Yes, I will lose trust. Me: And how would you feel about that?

Aahaana: Bad, I think I would have lost a lot, would not be able to stay there for longer. Me: So don't do it!

There are these three things I have learned so far in my work life.

  1. The person on the other side, like any of us, can feel if we are authentic or not.

  2. Digital has brought the world closer than it appears, information flows.

  3. The job loss stigma needs to be first sorted in our heads. It's ok!

Be yourself, be truthful to self.

When I lost my job in 2015, my mentor said:

"Not every organisation values everything, but there is always an organisation that will value you for who you are. Keep trying."


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