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Trust Issues??

"I have trust issues. Every time I trust someone, something goes wrong" Krish said.

Krish has been working for a few years now. He is doing well except on matters around work relationships.

Me: Tell me more

Kr: Third-time things have gone wrong between my boss and me. The trust broke with this one also.

Me: Do you see a pattern?

Kr: Yes, once people are successful, they find it easy to break trust

Me: Define people here

Kr: Others

Me: How much do you trust yourself?

Kr: (long silence)




Kr: I doubt myself most of the times.

Me: Have you seen something around trust-breaking while growing up?

Kr: Yes. My parents did not listen to the world, pursued their dreams, and did far better than others. Society turned jealous, and relationships started tp break. People say we broke trust because we saw success.

Me: What does that make you believe?

Kr: That it's not easy to maintain trust in this world, especially if one is doing well.

Krish has to first work on changing this belief within.

From discovering my limiting self-belief that - I am nowhere in life; to accepting it and taking action, I experienced massive personal growth.

Our beliefs are our best buddies when they empower us.
They are our biggest enemy when they limit us.

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