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Vulnerability makes us stronger and not weaker.

I feel very uncomfortable? What should I do? Haven't faced this before?

A message popped up on my phone. I called back immediately.

The situation was not surprising; the company she has been working with has been holding strong but cannot manage any longer. Thanks to COVID, there is not enough for everyone. The layoff is inevitable. And this impacts her team too.

For someone who became a manager sometime back, this is the first of such a stressful experience. This has been emotionally draining her.

Been there, and have been fortunate to have people to speak to in such a situation. And I feel good to be around to help people when they need.

When I was under a similar situation a few years back, deep down the things that bothered me then were:

  • Is this going to happen to me too?

  • What would I do if it happens to me?

  • Have I failed as a manager?

  • Have I failed as an employee?

  • Why me?

Not easy questions to answer, but I realised it is not always about answers, many times it is just about listening.

She was at ease after our conversation.

Have people whom you can speak to regarding work stress. This could be a family, friend, a colleague, a coach, a mentor, but have 5 of them.

Vulnerability makes us stronger and not weaker.

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