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What are you focusing upon?

It was a career move I was considering sometime back.

Everything sounded exciting, except the fact that I identified a significant difference in the working styles of mine and my would-be boss.

For me, autonomy & freedom mattered the most while his prominent operating style included micromanagement.

But I still went ahead with the assignment, and all I can say is that I count that experience in one of my best.

When I look back, here are the things that worked.

Awareness, about self and each other. This led to respect for each other's style.

Learnability, our willingness to learn from each other's style. Every person has things we could learn from.

Aspirations to become a better version of ourselves. We are not limiting ourselves with the belief that we know it all. The desire to grow and awareness that growth is the only way to progress.

We chose to be coachable. We decided to focus on how to make it work and focus on the brighter side of things rather than what will cause it to fail.

Because what we focus on grows!

What do you focus the most on?

What are you missing on by not being self-aware?

How coachable are you?


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