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What would you let your mind focus on; The Why or The How?

I always wanted to work as line HR towards the start of my career.

After the initial few years of my corporate exposure, I moved to a line HR role.

Of the numerous new things I got exposed to, an interesting one was the weekly review meet where every function would come together to align on the business direction.

My team and I were responsible for staffing in the stores.

There were times when we would fall short on the expectations.

My mind was trained to put excuse behind failures, so I would spend time on preparing the justifications for the meetings.

For the initial few weeks, my Business head would patiently listen and say nothing. He gave me time in the new role.

Later he shifted my focus from Why I could not do to How can I?

New, but powerful.

My focus shifted,

  • From excuse to solutions;

  • From justification to innovation;

  • From hiding when failed to problem-solving.

That why I was hired for! I considerably improved on my contributions.

He exposed me to the power of accountability. He enabled me to rise above the circumstances and solve problems rather than prepare an excellent looking, data-backed justification note.

What would you let your mind focus on, The Why or The How?

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