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Hi Ketan,

Thank you for listening and being my true coach. I was able to talk to MY COLLEAGUE and make the conversation centred around The Problem and not the Person.

It helped greatly in motivating both of us in the right direction and I was also able to communicate my discomfort.

A Coachee


Grateful to Ketan for his coaching. I rediscovered myself with baselines, N/E codes - framework to approach decision making. Already started achieving goals.

Alka G



Believe me something truly amazing happened today after I shared your video with me boss yesterday after I almost decided I was quitting sooner or later after a very bitter discussion last Friday with my boss.

Today afternoon just synced up with him and focused on the issues at hand in an objective manner and made all efforts to ensure the discussion didn't get subjective.

The discussion was something of a miracle as I never had such a nice interaction with my Boss for the last few years whom I had started to hate more than ever before and decided not to continue working in such a toxic environment!

This video just changed all that within less than a day.






I am very grateful for this course and we found an incredible coach in Ketan. He explained the concepts beautifully and helped me apply it in present context.

Saurabh A


Thank you, Ketan for introducing us to the power of baselines, codes and helping us understand how they impact us daily. #lifelonglearning

Ayush J


Ketan, this takes me back to my conversation with you.  

Your nudge has had a very positive impact on me. Your questions that come like AK 47 bullets.

While I have immense belief in the CTF program, had not been practising it for a while now to work on my goals. 

Thanks for the recent conversation around the need for working on self - the outcome+ , power leaps and ncodes. 

Being busy at work is only an excuse to give for not doing a few things, however busy people are the ones making the moves and making things happen, making it big. and you are one among them.

I used to slip inside speaking to fewer people.. was reliving those moments as you were sharing your story.

And then the big leap you took and working on your program and launching it.

Doing all that was recommended to be done by Arfeen...' The ACTION' you took which gave the desired results.

Thank you immensely from the bottom of my heart for being there as my accountability partner, it's on me to do my part.

Vinay A


The book you had recommended sometime back, I used it infornt of a large audience today. Can't tell you the kind of story I was able to tell. 


A Coachee


Today after a brief discussion with one of my Coaching friend Ketan, he made me go back and look into my Baselines and N-Codes. 

Yes, I could remember 5 Baseline but not the 6th One. But I was not able to remember my N-Codes at all. That was pretty Strange.

He then started asking me about my OutComes and OutcomesPlus.

I was almost sweating, I Was Completely Blank !!!

I Had totally forgotten everything which I was trained on, the training which I did with my Heart and Soul. 

The days i Nurtured and Smiled...

Days which thought me to have Buzz Moments, E-Codes and MasterMind Group and more.

What really went wrong, How did I lose track of all these.

This one conversation with my friend Ketan bought me back to reality. It was soo much needed.

I truly realized the Strength of MasterMind !! Staying with those Positive people consuming Positive Vibes and having its ripple effect Felt.

Thanks Ketan, you coached me today to get back to action !! I Owe You..



Ketan as a resource in any company is an asset. He is a very talented, sharp and smart human resources professional. He brings high energy, fun, and attention to detail to any work. He is a great leader and best mentor I come across. I have not seen too many professionals with such in depth knowledge in the area of HR. He is a great professional leader and knows his trade to fullest which helps him in getting things done.

Anand K


In the corporate environment it’s real hard to find a person who can guide you , motivate you for achieving your dreams which may or not may be a part of conventional work structure.

I am very thankful to Mr Ketan Krishna - chief of people RentoMojo, and life coach.

That 30 min of conversation can be a life changing moment for anyone. I am glad to meet you at the summit☺️ thank you 

At a seminar


I would aptly describe Ketan as a leader who led by example, very professional manager and one who gives maximum autonomy to the team. His style of delegation, providing support and follow up shows his confidence in the team and his willingness to be a team player rather than a typical boss. I have learnt a lot from him not only in term of work, but on how to manage an organization as an HR person . Ketan truly values "human resources "and lives by the core meaning. He has inculcated in me the courage of accepting challenges and make things happen at difficult situations, a complete change over the meaning of word " reporting" .I feel lucky to have worked with him and be part of his team for l



I know Ketan as a very seasoned HR professional .

His eye for detail,sensitivity to organizational needs as well as creativity in providing simple solution to complex problems stands out. Ketan is one person who will never say no to any assignment and has immense Leadership potential.

Tarun K


Ketan is one boss I would like to start my career and end my career with. He is one of the must haves in any of the organization. I have rarely seen an HR person becoming such a value add the way he is. Completely logical, result oriented, extremely intelligent yet very compassionate. He understands his business first then apply his expertise combined with innovative ideas of his. People like to work for him. He is one bagpiper who can pull people in hoards and they listen to him blindfolded. I hope Industries could have more professional like you in the field. I have never seen an HR partner turning around a business the way he has done many a times. I wish him all the very best to do what he does the best, contribution, in professional and personal lives of people around him.

Riti U


An awesome, awesome HR guy.. amongst the best i've worked with. if he's at the helm, the organization will very likely have a great work culture, and increased traction as an employer.

Ashwani K


Ketan is a valued employee and a tremendous asset whom I would recommend most highly. During my tenure at Utsav Fashion, he was an able partner in the effort to refocus and scale up operations. With insights into the business and the employees, he delivered winning strategies for the organisational restructuring.

Pradeep K


I do not think I am overstating when I say that Ketan has considerable expertise in designing and implementing effective business support strategies. His abiding interest in coaching, talent development and team engagement is a major factor in his success.

Sunil J


Ketan is a young & dynamic HR leader with an ability to think strategically on any business HR issues have an appetite to keep himself updated with current trending’s. Has got an eye for detail and connects to people with ease.

Rahul V


My first reaction to Ketan's current profile was Wow! Although I am hardly surprised. In my experience with him across two assignments, I realized that he is a rare combination of detailed articulation and flawless execution. What Ketan brings to the table is a strong value system that infuses business understanding, implementation of effective people practices, and stakeholder sensitivity. While I can continue with the cliched appreciations of his professional accomplishments, I think it is sufficient to say that it was a delight working with Ketan and would definitely be looking forward to more such experiences in the future.

Homi T

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