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When to call it a day?

An earlier boss of mine had created an enormous impact on the organisation.

A known name in the industry, he was poached from another big organisation to lead the new venture as a CXO.

An inspirational leader, one day, announced that he is quitting. Everyone was wondering about his decision.

Like others, this decision did not make sense to me too.

  • Why would he call it a day when he was doing well?

  • Should we be not quitting or changing paths when we are at the low state or the bottom?

  • Should it not be when we have the least to lose?

And when I heard #msdhoni announcing his retirement, this question came back.

Here is what I learned over time.

  • Call it a day when you are in your good form an not when the chips are down.

  • Call it a day when there is still a lot left in you to keep the standards high for others.

  • Call it a day when people expect the least.

  • Call it a day when you have the required energy you wish to carry in your next avatar.

Always leave on a high note for self. Stay a winner in your head.

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