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What is the cost of not doing it?

I asked Aahaana, who was confused about investing her time and money in a programme.

Aahaana: The course if costly and demands a lot of time.

Me: Good, so what is holding you back?

Aahaana: I am not able to establish the ROI (Return On Investment) of the course.

Me: Measuring life from an ROI lens is a waste; here is a story I read somewhere and it changed my thinking. Here it goes.

It is about a conversation between the HR Head and CEO.

The CEO is keen to invest in a world-class developmental course for her Head of Finance.

The course requires significant money and time.

The HR Head asked, "What if he leaves after?"

CEO replied, "What if he stays without becoming better?"

The HR head had his answers.

I learnt to look at the cost of not doing things rather than the ROI; especially on self-improvement stuff.

So what is the cost of you not doing this course? I asked Aahaana.

Aahaana: I will grow but not to my capabilities, I will lose on broadening my perspective, I will lose on becoming a better version of myself, a dream unfulfilled.

Me: Do you still need to find the ROI?

Aahaana left with a smile.

Have you been delaying a significant decision around investing in self, wanting to find the ROI?


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