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Acceptance is the First step to Change, Action is the Second.

"I have not enjoyed my life, and I wish to take a sabbatical and enjoy," Krish said. A seasoned leader from the industry, Krish has grown well in his career against all odds. While growing up, Krish did not have access to the best education or infrastructure. He is now a known name in the space he operates. Krish thinks he knows what the problem is; like we all do. But most of the times, the real cause is way more than what meets the eyes. To find more, we dwelled deeper into his life journey, and a fascinating theme emerged. His father was a government official holding a significant administrative position and was well known for his integrity. He saw a family life with minimal financial resources and comforts. And somewhere, Krish perceived that his parents "not enjoy" life much. Whenever Krish thinks of enjoying life, his mind stops him. This is because he cannot imagine himself enjoying his life when his parents did not. He has been living with this subconscious guilt. And this guilt, this limiting belief, has made him tough. He cannot even imagine indulging in hobbies, experiences or pursuing things of passion. All of which are a great source of happiness. Here is the question that has helped him move ahead from this deadlock: "Would your parents be happy to know you are not enjoying your life? Is that what they would have wanted?" Krish is now self-aware, has accepted what has been troubling him and is willing to act. He will see results! Because Acceptance is the first step to change; Action is the second.


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