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Wondered how ordinary get extraordinary results?

2014 when I did my first coaching certification, I was overwhelmed.

The awareness it built was nothing I had ever experienced.

When I came out of that room, I knew this was my silver bullet.

I was sure to become a coach someday.


Five years later, until early 2019, this dream stayed a dream.

It never turned into a reality.

When I look back, here are the three things that held me back:

1. I was waiting for something external to help me become a coach, I took no action.

2. I had a dream, but I never converted that into an action plan.

3. By looking at a few things the programme helped me with, I was self-justifying my investment. I was pretending this to be the best return I could have made with this six-figure investment.

Towards the later part of 2019, I redid my certification.

Things have been different this time.

Impacted 200+ lives with 700+ hours of coaching.

Wrote my first book, counted in 2% of the world population.

Reached 2 million+ people through my blogs.

Touched 5500+ lives as a speaker.


Three things that worked,

Big dreams, written down and broken into daily goals.

Small steps towards those dreams with daily action.

Did not wait for the perfect timing.



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