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Aspire and Act, Results will Follow!

She has been following up rigorously to speak to me. Unfortunately, I have not been able to manage time, but she persisted. Finally, we were on a call. At the other end was an ambitious, action-oriented and energetic girl. She aspires to change her world but was unsure of where to start.

Me: Where do you want to be, two years from now? She: I want to read many books, impact lives, inspire people. Me: That is what and how you want to do. I need to understand where do you want to reach. She: What is the difference? Me: It is like you hiring a cab because you wish to travel but has no idea where you have to reach. Our brain is like the driver of this cab; you need to be specific about the destination else the car would not move. And if you push harder, it will start wandering around, confused and burning energy. She: Can I get back to you on finding out where I want to reach? Me: Of course, but by when? I want you to start with an end time in mind. You need to tell the driver what time to come. 😀 She: Tomorrow, at 4 PM. She had her first plan shared before the committed time. #ketankrishna #milliondollaremployee #extraordinary #beyourbetterversion


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