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Is past the only reference you have?

"It is way better than the last one," Aahaana said.

Aahaana took a new job a few months back.

She had a challenging time in her past organisation; this was a significant break.

Me: How are things at work?

Aa: Better than the last one.

Me: Let me repeat, how is your current job?

Aa: Some difficulties, but I am dealing well with them by using the learnings from my past company.

Me: What I wish to understand is how is your current job helping you achieve your goals?

Aa: As I said, it is better than the last one.

Me: Have you ever given your vehicle for servicing?

Aa (surprised): Yes!

Me: What is your expectation when it comes back? Should it be just running better than yesterday?

Aa: No. There are objective points around which it has to be accessed and evaluated. It has to be ready for the future.

Me: Let's come back to your current role. Did you join this company to run away from your past or create your future?

Aa: For the future.

Me: What is your definition of future?

Aahaana is reworking on her goals.

If past if the only reference you have, you are missing on the possibilities of your future.

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