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Competence - Confidence - Credibility

3 Most Powerful C's of self-development

"How has writing helped?" Aahaana asked.

"Liberating & Transformational" I added

Aahaana: Can you elaborate?

Me: A year back, I would run away from social gatherings or conference. If running were not an option, I would find my corner and pretend to be busy, avoiding every eye contact. The was hiding under the Introvert or a Shy person classification

Aahaana: How did writing help?

Me: I helped me in overcoming my Confidence, Competence and Credibility challenges. The 3 Cs were interlinked.

Let me explain:


When I started to write things down, it pushed me to think and have a point of view. It was rising beyond the fear of being right or wrong.


Competence gave me Confidence in overcoming my belief that I am not good enough, or I don't have a point of view.


With this confidence, I started to share my views through the book that I authored, through my blogs, videos & guest speaking session—reached millions in no time.

Aahaana: I am in a similar boat.

Me: Go through the 3C process and identify the problem. You would know where to start if you are true to yourself. Hiring a coach was magical for me.

Start small but start Now.

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