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Confidence vs Competence.

I have been far more competent than him/her, but he/she has done so much better. Why has the world has been unfair?

Seeing competent people not doing well, and lesser competent ones doing better has always bothered me, and perhaps all of us.

Whenever I had competence but no success, I blamed it on excuses like favouritism, luck, unfair boss, design, culture, politics, etc.

A whole bunch of external factors.

Do these factors exist? Yes Can I do something about them? No Should I wait for it to get sorted to succeed? Never

While undergoing my coaching process and having delivered hundreds of hours of coaching to others, I came across this one thing which is the most significant multiplier.

It is confidence; the self-belief of being good at something. The complicated part is that it can't be measured.

On the other hand, Competence, which is how good you are at something can mostly be measured with higher accuracy.

Look at the below combinations, identify what is stopping you and act.

High Confidence & High Competence - Rockstar Low Confidence & High Competence - Struggle High Confidence & Low Competence - Short term Success

Low Confidence & Low Competence - Oops

What do you need to work on? When do you start?


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