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Deal with that fear or insecurity behind that discomfort.

I will never know it all, but together we know a lot!

A leader that I have worked with had this philosophy loud and clear. You go to him with a proposal, and he would ask, who all have you reached out for their views form the team?

This was a fundamental shift from the competitiveness to collaboration.

Not easy, because I was supposed to be the business or subject matter expertise. Why would I seek views from others? I was uncomfortable.

But I also know growth happens when we do things that make us uncomfortable.

There is always some fear or insecurity that makes us uncomfortable and needs to be dealt with.

I started practising this over time and started seeing the massive value in the approach. Two things in particular

  1. Power of multiple perspectives improved the effectiveness of solutions.

  2. Significance of dry run on a concept ensured I was better prepared to deal with tough questions.

This boosted my confidence significantly because I accepted not knowing it all and reaching out to people for help without any inhibition. Over time this human connect has become my strength.

This improved my #learnabilityquotient.

What are you doing for yours?


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