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Difficult Boss? Ask these "Five" questions before calling it a day.

Krish has been undergoing work difficulties. The work from home has not been easy; the already strained relationship with his boss got manifested.

Kr: I don't think this is working.

Me: What is happening?

Kr: Random calls, stinkers, messages for deliveries, no appreciation, too many demands, things are not adding up for me. Adding to it....

Krish went on for quite some time; sounded like everything was wrong with the manager.

Were these real issues or was Krish focusing too much on the negatives?

Was he seeing and seeking what he wanted to, and was it turning him blind?

My Five Questions to Krish:

  1. Do you think your manager has an intent to trouble, or it is the working style mismatch?

  2. What are the three things you can learn from this manager?

  3. Are you troubled because you are being moved out of your comfort zone?

  4. Would this situation help you move faster towards your career goals?

  5. How responsible are you for where you are today?

The answers surprised Krish. One side outlook was making Krish blind.

If you focus on changing people, you will face resistance;
If you focus on solving problem, you will see solutions.

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