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Fear of being judged when you fail?

Here is one question to ask yourself!


"What if I fail?"Aahaana asked.

Aahaana has many ambitions, lots of crazy dreams, and like many, she is scared.

Me: Have you never failed in life?

Aa: I have.

Me: What happened when you did?

Aa: I was upset, to begin with, but then moved on.

Me: What was the biggest worry before and after you failed?

Aa: It was always about what would others think. Would I look like a fool? Would people judge me as a failure?

Me: How many close contacts do you have in your phone book?

Aa: Phone book? What has my failures to do with my phone book?

Me: How many?

Aa: Around 300.

Me: How many would you have spoken to over the last two weeks?

Aa: Around 15.

Me: Please write down one failure stories of each of them.

Aahaana gets thinking and struggles even to get one.

Aa: Surprising! I don't even remember one! I do remember some success stories, though.

Me: What is surprising?

Aa: They must have failed, but I don't remember because I don't bother.

Me: What does that mean to you?

Aa: The fear of being judged is perhaps my own and not as big as I think it is. The world is too busy even to bother and notice if I fail.


What is stopping you today?

Ketan Krishna


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