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My mother taught me how to take revenge...

Hailing from a small town around the East Burdwan district of West Bengal, Alankrita was born into a middle-class joint family. Growing up, Alankrita's relatives would mostly throw harsh 'body-shaming' comments at her, which began to disrupt her mental health at a very early age.

The insecurities and anxiety issues prevailed in her mind so much that, during her early teenage years, Alankrita would lock herself up in a dark room for hours.

It was during those toughest days, that her mother would come up to her, listen to her, observe and understand her situation. Her mother told her to use education as the key to becoming independent from all the deep-rooted societal barriers.

With this idea in her mind, "Regardless of my family's harsh comments on my weight and academic performance, I promised myself to stay shut and only focus on my dreams.

My mother would often tell me,

The best revenge is when your success speaks.

But even after utter dedication towards my studies, I could secure average marks in my class 10 board examination.

No one, but my mother appreciated my efforts which thereafter pushed me to work with even more diligence toward my studies. That is also when I decided to quit attending any family gatherings or going out with friends.

After months of burning the midnight oil and staying consistent with my study schedule, I cleared the 12th board with excellent marks, securing the 2nd position(Commerce)in my district.

I felt so happy to have stood up to my mother's expectations; my mother said to me, 'This is just the beginning, Alu, you must achieve all your goals & you must stay humble.'

After graduating from a renowned college, I persisted to fulfil my CA dream. I took a year off after my graduation, and started preparing for the ICAI exams; however, I couldn't clear the exams even after two continuous attempts.

Regardless, I promised my mother one last shot at it; I updated my study plans, went through all my previous mistakes in practice & exams, increased my study hours, and cut down on my rest schedule.

I decided to stay consistent no matter what.

Want to know what happened in my third attempt?

Well, I was almost on the verge of giving up on my result day. But, I cleared the ICAI exams with flying colors.

At present, I work as a Financial Analyst at Amazon India. Moreover, I have gained success in my fitness goals as well, on which I started to focus properly right after clearing my exams.

The one & only person who stayed by my side, and believed in me regardless of my worst days is my mother, she's an angel in my life.

Here are some soothing words from Alankrita:

"Your haters somehow end up playing a part in your success. Remember to stay focused & make sacrifices when it comes to achieving the unachievable. "



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