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Love and accept the way you are.

Hailing from Pondicherry, Edith is a very talented girl right from her childhood. From academic interests to non-academic accomplishments, Edith has always excelled in being out of the box and outshining with her talents. Edith is a beautiful creation of God like all of us.

The only barrier that keeps holding her back is her incapability to communicate and conversate with new people. Be that anyone.

In spite of being such a bright girl with an astounding career, she always engulfs herself in thoughts of self-doubt for no concrete reason.

She talks about one of her online friends far from abroad lands, with whom she used to be really close. She was like the light to her life, they used to share everything, every slightest detail with each other every day. They grew up close to each other in such a small span of time that it never felt like they had never met each other in real life.

Their closeness grew more and more as time flew. Edith began to rediscover her own true self through her friend. She used to make her feel so good and special about herself that Edith gradually started coming out of her shell.

Suddenly out of nowhere, her friend started ignoring her really bad. There was no reason for doing that, still, she ignored Edith to a huge extent.

Edith tried so much to approach her, to ask her what went wrong, request her to settle down all the misunderstandings and ongoing issues, and be friends like before again. Even after many attempts, Edith got nothing but ignorance in return.

This affected her badly. The sudden ignorance from her friend started triggering her self doubts and insecurity to a huge extent. Edith would break down quite often owing to this incident.

Things started getting worse, affecting her mental health and overall well-being too. She realized that she does not deserve to be friends with anyone in the world. Staying all alone in a corner, unnoticed was what she opted to be a better way out became her way of life.

Eventually, Edith accepted this and started finding out ways to rediscover herself, get out of the trauma and start afresh. That’s when she anchored herself strongly on her weapon, her sword, her paintbrushes, and her colours.

It was her language, her mode of communication, her route to inner peace, and the most creative way she could express herself through. She started penning down all her feelings about daily life in a diary and sketching out all her expressions in that. Anytime she felt low or secluded, she took out her diary and started sketching.

She made her artwork her strongest soldier in the battle of life.

Starting from portraits to sketches to canvas, everything on which Edith gave her touch turned out to be a marvellous piece of artwork. Edith now successfully runs an art account of hers, a sample you can see toward the end of the story.

Her art is widely recognized and appreciated. Her art gives her the confidence to conversate with new people. Talking and meeting new acquaintances is not a hard nut for her to crack anymore.

Edith is undeniably an epitome of determination and comeback, the girl who fought back her shortcomings herself and gave birth to her creative side and rediscovered her own self gradually.

Edith's message

Nothing is impossible if you learn to challenge yourself. Nothing is permanent except our own self so all we need to do is love and accept ourselves the way we are, learn to grow more, and train ourselves to be a better version of ourselves every day.


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