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I started my reading journey very late in my life.

While growing up,

- I read only when I had to pass an exam,

- I read when I had to save myself from an embarrassment in-class test,

- I read when I had enrolled for a completive exam,

- I read only when it was a must.

I wanted my formal education to get over so that I do not have to read anymore. I was told that my formal education was enough for the rest of my life, everything else I can learn on the job.

Moreover, reading and all were meant for the brilliant and intelligent ones, average ones like me were not expected to read 😁

For the first ten years of my career, till 2015, I had reasons (excuses) to not invest in reading.

- I was busy.

- I had other priorities.

- I will learn on the Job.

I started many times with my reading journey. But I would sleep as soon as I started reading.

Dec 2015, I lost my job. I took it as if nothing had happened and I was confident that I will get a job with ease and in a short time.

I was wrong on both dimensions. It took me five months to land my next job.

And during these five months, all my excuses went out of the window. I had enough time for all my priorities and I did not have a job to help me learn. I had ample time and this forced me to start.

I started with a short book, "Who Moved My Cheese"

- I started small.

I would go to the park and read in the morning Sun, something I love.

- I coupled it with something I enjoy, something that made me happy.

I started with Kindle, because of my love for gadgets.

- I made it fun and easy for myself.

I started with 15 minutes a day, while I would have given more time and I ensured I stayed committed.

- I chose consistency over Intensity

I finished the first one in ten days.

And began my next one, then next, then next.

From feeling sleepy as soon as I started to read,

To the present day when I do not sleep if I have not read,

210+ books may sound small for a seven-year period,

But this is;

63,000 pages over seven years,

25 pages a day,

2.5 books a month,

1200 hours over seven years.

This is the power of Beginning.
This is the power of Consistency.
This is the power of Actionability.

Have an eXtraordinary Day!


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