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Out of corporate role and right into my first line HR role, I was soon a part of a project that involved closing down a bunch of stores in a politically sensitivity town. My boss had worked out the road map. There were ten people identified.

He said my selection were based on two things; First, people who can understand and convince others. Second, people who could run fast. The second one sounded scary, even more, when he said we would be spread out at different locations. I had faith, but I was also scared, this was going to get as real as it could. The morning of project execution, of the ten, three dropped a message stating they were unwell. We had two clear choices; pull back or go ahead and deliver. We went ahead. When we reached the location, things were far more complicated. Like we had planned, there was planning on the other side too. Every time the conversation would get tough; I would look at the door to estimate the time it would take me to sneak underneath that half pulled down the shutter. After many hours of tough negotiations, things could finally be concluded, a win-win, and completed. I learnt to deal with my fears that day. I learnt to get out of my comfort zone. #ketankrishna #milliondollaremployee #extraordinary


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