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"How do you know you are not getting fooled?"

A reminder came to me every time I would make donations or extend financial support to a cause.

A reminder that letting someone else take advantage of you is terrible.

The fear of being fooled is more significant than a cause to help someone.


My father had his own business back in our home town. I would hear others talk about how certain people took advantage of my father's trust and fooled him.

I used to feel bad; after all, how can my father be fooled?

Only fools get fooled.

But I never saw my father getting impacted because of these murmurs.

I never saw him stop. Instead, he continued helping others when he knew he had to.

Wonder why did he not do anything about it?

Here is his life philosophy that empowered him and empowers me even today.

"No one can ever fool you until you allow yourself to get fooled."

So true, it is all internal.

External comments can only manifest what is inside of us.


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