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How many people today will do whatever it takes to retain you if you quit?

Fell in love with it’s the purpose, its vision, and joined. This new role meant major changes for me, from leading HR of a small firm to a large one, moving to a new city and from managing a 20+ team to the individual contributor.

After 6 months went to my boss and said, “I am done here, I want to quit”. The business is resisting me getting into the inner circle and this would not work.

I had my list of problems, all external.

He had only one question to ask. “How many people from your business today will do whatever it takes to retain you if you quit?”

I had the answer but didn’t want to accept the hard truth, “Zero” was hurting. While I had put in enough, I realized that was not enough.

That day promised to myself, no matter what, I will make it work. I promised to become so amazing that my business would not lose me at any cost. I promised to become the #milliondollaremployee

Served this business for 2 more years and what an incredible journey! The relationships, the work and the results, nothing but outstanding.

Moving on from there was the most difficult decision ever, not a single person that I knew there, did not do their best to stop me from moving.


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