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I get bored very quickly.

I get bored very quickly. I put in a lot of energy, and give up on actions.

How do I deal with this at work?

Aahaana has switched many jobs in her 6 years of work and gets restless after a while.

Aa: What do I do? It is not good for me.

Me: Why do you think it is not good for you?

Aa: What do you mean? Everyone else is stable; they have figured out what they want to do.

Me: How do you know?

Aa: It appears that way.

Me: Why would someone's else status matter to you?

Aa: Doesn't matter, but just sharing.

Me: You are sharing because it matters!

Aa: What should I do?

Me: Whom do you wish to become five years from now?

Aa: I don't know, still exploring.

Me: Keep exploring, but keep moving. There has to be a direction in which you need to move.

Aa: What if the direction is wrong?

Me: There is only one way to know.

Aa: Yes, when I walk in that direction

Aahaana is working on her career aspirations and dreams.


We have three choices:

1. Not moving, not taking any path - waiting for a miracle to show a direction

2. Walking on a treadmill - burning energy but not moving; being busy but not doing anything meaningful.

3. Keep walking towards a dream- taking that first step, ready to learn, fail, explore & succeed; enjoying the journey

Start small, but start now!

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