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Just because you chose to ignore the problem, will it change its consequence?

"I have many things to do, but I will do them after Dec 2021"

Krish said. He has taken up a new role within the organisation he has been working for the past ten years.

Kr: I have a mandate to set a new unit, and I want to make it work. I don't wish to divert my focus.

Me: What if the project is delayed or shelved?

Kr: That won't happen.

Me: You not wanting it to happen, won't stop it from happening.


Me: Why are you delaying your life goals for work needs?

Kr: I need to prove a point.

Me: To whom?

Kr: Myself.

Me: What point?

Krish goes silent.

Kr: I have been the blue-eyed boy of my CEO for long. A few months back, I was given another assignment.

Me: That sounds good to me.

Kr: It is a downgrade, I think.

Me: You think? What has your CEO told you?

Kr: I have not spoken to him. I want my results to speak for myself.

Me: That's a great attitude, but a waste without understanding the reason behind the change.

There are only two possibilities,

1. You are the most capable to build this new unit

2. You maxed out in your old role

Both are important for your growth but requires different strategies.

Kr: I am insecure about my job, hence ignoring.

Me: Just because you chose to ignore the problem, will it change its consequence?

Kris is speaking to the CEO this week.


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