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Rejection is temporary, giving up is permanent.

"Be prepared for your first 100 rejections."

My coach said when I was undergoing my coach certification a few years back.

The point came up when one of us asked,

"What can we do to perfect our sales pitch to ensure we acquire more client?"

Here is what he said,

"Be prepared for your 100 rejections,

But don't let this deter you from your goals, from your dreams and your aspirations.

Keep doing what you are supposed to do, keep the focus on inputs."


It is easy and very much human to get frustrated, feel bad, get a sense of being stuck and give up when the results are not favourable.

Remember this, however hard we may try; results will always be outside our circle of influence.

Do not judge yourself because of the rejection.

I have not met one person in my life who did not face rejections.

But I have met quite a few extraordinary people who did not give up just because they faced rejections.

Times are tough, and many are on the verge of giving up, because of rejections in the interviews.

Just don't!

Hang in there and keep the focus on the inputs.

Rejection is temporary, giving up is permanent.

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