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Rise above the circumstances and Act!

He sounded flustered, full of anger.

First few minutes, I established that he was in the Victim mode; struggling with why me? He wanted to understand what his legal rights were.

His company asked him to quit, and he was resisting this change. For someone with family & financial liabilities, like education and marriage loan, this is never easy.

Me: What are your top personal priorities?

He: 3 months of cash flow & medical coverage for the family.

Me: What do you have for sure?

He: 3 months of cash.

Me: When your revenue is getting impacted, what should you do?

He: Restructure my expenses.

Me: And the biggest expenses are?

He: Loan liabilities and medical during COVID.

Me: Can your loan be restructured?

He: Yes (eureka!)

Me: And can you buy medical coverage?

He: Yes, I should do that. But my Lifestyle?

Me: For a significant part of life, you have seen life in a village with basics, right?

He: Yes.

Me: Did you manage to do well?

He: Yeah. Acted rather than complain.

Then came the toughest one on accountability

Me: What signals about the unit did you pretend to ignore?

He: It was showing signs of going down eight months back. I ignored it. I should have acted. I am somewhere responsible for this situation.

Accountability is about accepting things, rising above the circumstances and taking actions.


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