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Shift from complain to ownership to action!

When I was undergoing my coach certification in 2014, the Process of Inquiry grabbed my attention.

Works without fail, every time.

Here is one from someone who lost his job, and has been upset. The first response was to fight; the problem was externalised, zero ownership for the state.

Q1-What signals, clues and facts did you pretend not to know, or you overlooked? A: I delivered more than 110% business last year too but got an average rating. I reached out to the manager and HR, but everyone ignored. I ignored that signal.

Q2- What are the things you could have done differently not to have landed in this situation? A: The unit planned cost-cutting. Due to COVID, with most of the customer gone, there was no business. I asked for a movement to a new vertical, but this again got ignored (second signal). Now I think my exit was pre-decided.

Q3: What did you learn from this? A: Despite working hard and giving my best, I got kicked out. I sensed it but ignored; I wanted to grow. It was me who expected too much. I should have also invested time on my personal growth, not an hour of investment on personal growth in 4 years.

"I learnt that continuous learning would have prepared me for any type of situation."

There focus shifted from complain to ownership to action

Test this on a troubling situation you are undergoing, and you think the problem source is external.

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