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Solve Problems Not People

"I can't work with her any more," Krish said. "I have done all that it takes, but she is incapable of working well, " he added.

When you have a colleague with whom you have to work closely, but you find it challenging to work with, things can turn painful.

During the conversation, I figured out that this was a matter of personality differences.

We also call this as frequency mismatch or values mismatch: a common problem.

In 99% of cases, this is because of the right and wrong; we define basis our beliefs.

My Version of Truth being better than Yours is the root cause.
  • Just because you like detailed work, you will expect others to do so.

  • Just because you like working late, you wish others also to do.

  • Just because you can solve problems quickly; you expect others to do.

The other person has a similar list on their side. The chances of him/her finding you incapable of things that matter to them are as strong as yours.

Krish here has to focus on "Solving the Problem and Not Person."

This is because of that fact that no one is going to change for you.

Look back at your life and list down people who changed for you.

And don't be surprised when you don't find any names to add in the list.


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