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The one you feed, grows.

Aahaana: My boss doesn't understand me at all. There is zero appreciation for what I do. He only sees my shortcomings.

Me: That must be hurting. What do you think is happening? Aahaana: It's clear, he does not like me.

Me: How much do you like him? Aahaana: I do, I have never disrespected him.

Me: That's not how one defines liking. Anyways, tell me three things you have appreciated him for the last two months?

Aahaana struggles. With a lot of effort came up with one point, perhaps made up.

Aahaana: He has not done anything worth appreciation. Me: What if it's right for you too?

Aahaana: What? I have done so many things. Me: What if your boss also thinks that way about himself?

Aahaana gets thinking!

Me: Remember that wolf story?

A grandfather was teaching his grandson that we all have two wolves within us.

The one is Negative, and the other is Positive, and they are always in a fight.

The curious grandson asked, "Which one wins most of the times?"

The older man said politely, "The one you feed".

Aahaana got her answers.

Life is too short to focus on shortcomings.

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