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Transformation is a choice—a choice to make a difference to yourself.

What did you do to yourself? Did you do something about your spoken English? What all did you do? You are so different, and it is fantastic to see those changes.

I heard these over the call I received from someone I have worked with a few years back—a senior person in the industry and a human leader.

What triggered this? He he was observing me speak in a panel discussion sometime back where he was also a panellist.

From not been able to speak with confidence in public forums and carrying the inhibitions to talk in a group to this day when almost every week I am addressing a bunch of new people, things have changed.

Inner changes are powerful; one can feel them within.

The icing on the cake is when others start to see the changes. The external validation and affirmation of the transformation is positive reinforcement.

For me, what changed was not my competency or skills, but this time it was my confidence, my belief.

And this is because of my coach and the process!

A long journey ahead, but I believe transformation happens. It is a choice—a choice to make a difference to yourself.

When the student is ready, the master appears.


P.s: The paperback of my book Extraordinay is back on Amazon 😀


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