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What are you focusing on?

She: I cannot work with her anymore. Me: And why so?

She: If someone makes the same mistake again, I cannot tolerate. Me: Hmm, you seem to be a tough taskmaster.

She: Yes, sort of. Me: I remember you were learning a new sport a few months back?

She: Yes, started with tennis. But thanks to COVID, it is on a pause right now. Just can't wait to get back in the court.

Me: Good, I am assuming you learned everything in one shot after your coach told you how to do it.

She: No, there was a few I picked up fast. With some, I struggled initially, and there are few with which I am still struggling.

Me: So you were repeating the same mistake again and again? She went silent.

Me: Did every one getting trained with you were making the same mistakes? She: No.

Me: What did your sports coach do when this happened? She: Accepted that we all have a different learning curve and natural strengths, and worked with us.

Me: How do you then wish to deal with the challenge you have at work? She: Accept people for who they are and work with them.

We measure others with our yardstick and find shortfalls. Same applies to us in someone else yardstick.


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