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What is that one goal everyone should have?

"Why did you hire a coach when you were doing well in your career?"

A question someone asked me in a recent interaction when I was sharing stories around how having a coach helped me.

The answer simply comes from the mode you wish to choose for yourself—the choice between ordinary and extraordinary.

The Maintenance Mode:

Work on things only when they seem to break or are not when they are doing well.

This happens when one believes that he/she is already the best version of self and nothing can be any better.

The Growth Mode:

The belief that the everyday goal is to become a better version of self.

One challenges the person of today for a better version tomorrow.

One believes that there is always room for becoming better.

This is the reason why most international sportsperson or teams continue to have a coach even when they are at the top of their game.

They focus on becoming a better version of themselves.

Ask this to yourself today; what is your most preferred mode.


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