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Work From Home - Idea #9 - Self Awareness

#1 idea - Retaining your daily routine

#2 idea - Human Connect

#3 idea - Building a new habit

#4 idea - Self-check-in on your personal goal

#5 idea - Self-assessment of your professional goals

#6 idea - Sit back and relax, break the monotony

#7 idea - Find your power shots

#8 idea - Enhance your learnability quotient

The #9 idea is the most potent life-changing insight I have ever discovered.

This is the core of every eXtraordinary person. Pick up the story of any change-maker -people who inspire, you would see this in abundance.

The power of Awareness; starting with self.

  1. How self-aware are you?

  2. How much do you know who you are as a person?

  3. Why do you do what you do?

  4. How do you impact others?

  5. What are the things that drive you?

#9 Idea is about enhancing your self-awareness, for you to start the journey of driving change from within.


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