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Write it down and BURN it !

An organisation I was working with announced a major shift in direction and leadership. A new CEO was announced.

Across the board, the safety guards were up. You could sense people resisting the change, the fear of the unknown was all around.

The fear of rebuilding credibility, not staying relevant and fear of job loss was tearing people apart.

Way before this, I had decided on a different career direction for myself.

The new would-be CEO would meet every business group to get a sense of who they are, what they do and what are their future plans.

Some had easy conversations and some had difficult ones. It was like an interview and the wait for the result was endless.

My turn came, but since I had something at hand with nothing to lose, I was far much confident about myself than I have ever been. I was not guarded and was at my best self during the conversation. Was offered a very challenging assignment right then!

Sharing a powerful hack around this, when making critical life decisions, write down your fears on a piece of paper, read it aloud and then burn it.

When we write it down, our brain accepts it and we come to terms with it. When you burn it, you overcome it in your head.


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