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You can chose to wait for the perfect boss or take ownership!

Recently met someone who was all rattled and hassled by her status in organisational and had tears in her eyes when she mentioned about her relationships with her manager. She was being side-lined, humiliated and was almost reaching a state of nonexistence. She believed that her colleagues also did not value her because her manager was not supporting her, and she was being treated like a stepchild.

She is otherwise a person who is full of life at work and is that ” Happy Kid” at work who will create a buzz wherever she goes.

When I inquired further, I could gather more details about her having challenges in personal life too. I could make out that she had been hard conditioned to not take decisions and has grown up in a highly dominating family. Subconsciously, he has got conditioned to not take ownership of her life, and hence at work.

I helped her dwell deeper on the following three questions

  1. Who is more responsible for her career, she herself or her manager?

  2. What did she learn from the entire experience?

  3. What action is she gonna take now to improve the situation and not feel like a victim who has no power to change things?

Towards the end of the conversation, she herself came out with the understanding that it’s her life, her career and only one career to manage, it’s only she who must take ownership of where she is and do something about it. What I liked was her willingness and ability to act then and she did that in a few hours!


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