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I can't decide, so I will let someone else decide.

He: My work has changed during the lockdown. I have been giving online classes.

Me: World has gone digital.

He: I worry, though. I don't know if I will get paid.

Me: Oh, your administrator shared this with you?

He: No. I am guessing. Others are also confused.

Me: Why don't you get clarity on this?

He: I will wait and watch.

Me: How would that help?

He: I want to understand their thought process. I will take a call basis for what they do.

Me: You have been working for a month without clarity on the payment, relying on someone's decision and basis their thought you will decide if it is worth or not?

He: (No Response)

Me: Have you been to a restaurant?

He: Yes, love food. Lockdown has made that part dull.

Me: Do you try new places?

He: Yes.

Me: So you go to a new restaurant, order food and wait to see if the taste, portion and preparation are up to what you expect?

He: No, I clarify and then order, why repent later?

Me: Why not regarding your pay?

He (after a pause): I am myself unclear, the work has been lesser, the business is impacted, I should not be surprised with low pay.

Me: And?

He: I want someone else to decide for me, perhaps.

Me: Whose career is it?

He: Mine.

Me: Who should be owning it?

He: Me


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Jun 05, 2020


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