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The only thing in our circle of influence is who we become.

A chauffeur was waiting at the airport. This was the first training stint after joining this conglomerate; my first-ever work experience.

The driver stopped in front of a bungalow; this is where I was going to stay!

There were other luxuries beyond imagination. To reach the plant which was hardly a KM, I had a chauffeur-driven car.

Later, I landed up in another group company for my second stint—a growing fashion brand in a metro, full of buzz and energy.

The experience at the plant had created a mental benchmark of how important I was.

But here, I found out that there were fewer seats than people. People had to cling on to a chair and stayed seated. I laughed at this and asked my fellow trainees; they must have an identified a special place for us, right?

It was their turn to laugh. I felt undervalued.

For my third stint, I landed up in the corporate office of the group, working with the most impactful executives of their times. I did have a seat, but the average competence levels were like wow. Felt like I did not even exist.

Here is what I learned: The context changes, and it will always be beyond our circle of influence.

The only thing in our circle is who we are and who we become as a person.

COVID has just reinforced this.


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