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We judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their actions.

Three types of roles exist in a sports event, and perhaps life

1. The players: On the ground, have to execute what they have learnt, action and decisions

2. The commentator: Highlighting things they see from 30,000 feet

3. The audience: There for enjoyment and energy boost

We all play all these roles, on rotation.

This is also true during the ongoing economic slowdown, job cuts, salary cuts with companies struggling & people struggling.

I threw a question at the audience who were questioning the players

Q: Why don't you reach out to two people who have lost their jobs and share your salary and savings with them? Or give your work to someone who needs more?


  • Have my finances to take care

  • Need to save as the times ahead are tougher

  • Have old parents, family, kids

  • Education of kids

  • Have my own goals

  • I need to invest

  • EMI to pay

  • Already doing it

Are there reasons valid or justified?

Yes, all of then are justified. We are unique, and we make choices basis what we value, what we have seen in past, what our priorities are and our assumption of the future.

Applies to Organisations too; there is nothing universally right or wrong; it's contextual

Someone rightly said, We judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their actions.


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