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Work From Home - Idea #8 - Learnability quotient

The #1 idea - Retaining your daily routine

The #2 idea - Human Connect

The #3 idea - Building a new habit

The #4 idea - Self-check-in on your personal goal

The #5 idea - Self-assessment of your professional goals

The #6 idea - Sit back and relax, break the monotony

The #7 idea - Find your power shots

The #8 idea comes from the fact that since our childhood, we have been conditioned to letting someone else decide on;

  • What do we learn?

  • When do we learn?

  • How do we learn?

  • What do we do with that learning?

Even in organisations, we expect our boss or talent department to decide on our next learning agendas.

They all do a good job, but they would always invest time and money basis what they find valuable for the organisation. And yes, they would then expect a return.

  • How about your outlook on what should you learn?

  • How about your accountability towards your learnings?

The million-dollar question is, "What is your next 24-month learning agenda?"

#8 Idea is about to enhance your learnability quotient.

Start that course you have been procrastinating for the last many months.


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