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And why not invest in yourself?

She: What do you think about this online course?

Me: I am a fan of learnability.

She: So, do you think I should go ahead with this?

Me: Depends on what are your next four year goals.

And how is this course taking you closer to the goals?

She gets thinking.

Me: A course helps in building credibility, confidence or competence, which one you need to solve for right now?

She: Confidence and Credibility, Confidence more.

Me: Good. Then why not MBA from the top 10 colleges?

She: I cannot afford it. I have been ordinary throughout. My past has been a struggle. I barely managed my graduations.

Me: Would you say the same if your kid gets through one of the best colleges a few years from now?

She: No way! I will do whatever it takes to find ways to enable their education

Me: And why not the best investment in yourself?

She: Well... (Silence)

Me: What role modelling do you wish to set for them?

She: That give your best, make your dreams come true, whatever it takes. Focus on How to make things happen.

Me: So what next.

She: I will find out the process of the top 10 executive MBA colleges by 5 PM the coming Friday.

At times all we need is to shift the question from Why and What of the past to the how of the future.


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