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Are you a hard shell to break?

He: I am a hard shell to break.

Me: Why do you say so?

He: Well, you would see during the coaching process.

Me: Sure, but why do you say so?

He: I don't open up, and I have a lot inside.

Me: Do you remember the story about the pigeon and the cat?

He: The one where the pigeon would close its eyes when they would see a danger, especially a cat?

Me: Yes, and they would think that they were safe just because they can't see the danger.

He: Yup, amusing behaviour.

Me: What do you find amusing?

He: Just because you ignore it would not mean it does not exist.

Me: Just because you ignore that you have a softer side does not mean that you don't have one.

We went ahead to talk about the softer side of him, his personality, his life, his values, and there was a lot he started to discover in the process.

Do you also think you are a hard shell?

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