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Are you Coachable?

Ketan, what has been your experience? - Have you found fast trackers or high achievers to be flexible enough? - Are they open to feedback from team members and peers? A question one of my coachees asked.

Having closely worked with the best of the best from the industry, directly and indirectly, the most inspiring personality attribute that I have observed, experienced and admired in them is the fact that each one of them has been #Coachable.

Most of them came from ordinary backgrounds but got #extraordinary results for themselves. Somewhere they have been the inspiration behind the Million Dollar Employee concept

When I say they are coachable, they are incredibly high on learnability. They listen to every piece of knowledge, wisdom, experience and feedback which comes their way. Their hunger for self-improvement can't be explained on words.

So do you mean they take every single piece of feedback and act?

No; while they listen to each of them, they act on the ones that are relevant to them, the ones that help them become a better version of themselves.

But they do respect the feedback and the person giving the feedback, always.

The only person people change for, is themselves.


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