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Are you settling for the more comfortable option?

She: We have got the annual plan in place, thank you this was much needed.

Me: Congratulations.What next?

She: We are going to break this into the monthly and weekly plan and take action.

Me: Brilliant.

She: In fact, we have built three scenarios. The best cases, the good and the average. 1 Million, 0.74 Million and 0.5 Million, respectively.

Me: And why these scenarios?

She: Fallback options.

Me: You know, when I chose to change my career preference 15 years ago, I was thinking of applying to all MBA colleges, with the preference of top 10. My coach worked with me, and I applied to only the top 10.

She: I remember this story is also in your book.

Me: I got through one of the top 10. Do you know why that happened?

She: You put everything to it, so much more at stake.

Me: Yes.

She: You are right. Somewhere I have already in my mind settled for 0.5 Million.

Me: Our brain likes comfort and fallback; it looks for safety. And if as the CEO, you are okay with the 0.5 Mn plan, what will the team chase?

She: The average one. So why do companies have Plan A, B and C?

Me: Plan A, B, or C is around the how-to and not on the where.

She: So it's not about changing the goal post but the way we reach there.

Me: Bang on.


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