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Be prepared for the next six months.

Be prepared for not securing the right job for the next six months.

This is what my mentor said in 2015 when I called him to update him that I lost my job.

I ignored what he said. Why should I do that? Look at me; the world would jump and hire me, I thought.

Despite being in HR, I forgot that the process takes it's time, just because I need it urgently wouldn't change things for the companies.

After the first two months of near-zero movements, I went back to him. He repeated his point, "Ketan, two months have gone, be prepared for four more months now."

It was not easy, but I accepted it, here is what happened.

  • My self created a pressure of having a job in a month was gone.

  • My thought process improved; from spending 10 hours every day on the job application, I created my daily plan, a balanced one. Carved out time for job application, family, health, reading, researching, networking, relationships.

  • Worked on a business idea, met people.

  • Got my financial roadmap for the next four months in the place.

I was in control of my life.

I was not desperate in interviews.

I was very much myself in the discussions.

Fortunately, two months down the line got an exciting opportunity and took that up.


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