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Be the inspiration and get inspired!

I have just been a manager; others have grown faster. How is wish I could have grown faster!

My Coachee said.

You could feel the pain when he spoke.

Someone with an ordinary childhood when it comes to life's necessary infrastructure, he is now in a metro city and has worked with a global conglomerate for 20 years!

Here are a few questions I had for him.

  • What was your plan? What were your goals? What choices did you make?

  • How many people from your hometown would wish to be in your position today? How many people look upon you?

The answer to the first one was obvious.

He did not set his career goals, did not define a destination, leaving things to chance and now feeling the pain because someone else moved faster. If your sense of progress is external, you will face this throughout your life.

Set your own goals and take actions.

The second one, the answer surprised him more than me. It is so easy for us to be self-critical and be upset about what you have not achieved vis-a-vis others.

There would always be people ahead of you, and people behind you in your life journey.

For the people behind you, be their inspiration. From people ahead of you, get inspired, learn from them.

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