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Be Your Better Version, Every Day!

She: I cannot think of anything around personal growth

Me: When you gave yourself a 4 on personal growth, what went in your head?

She: Well, I just gave it

Me: We don't do things randomly

She: Why don't you suggest?

Me: This may help. Where would you want this 4 to move to over the next 12 months?

She: 7?

Me: And what should you do to take this to a 7?

She: Hmm..maybe communication and public speaking (with a lot of inhibition)

Me: Sounds good. I can sense some inhibitions

She: Yes, wondering why I took so much push to come up with these? Is this ok?

Me: Absolutely normal. We often turn blind to things we should not be. We start living our lives by accepting our present to be the best version of ourself. We get into our Comfort zone.

She, with glitter: Oh! Nice.

Me: And if you knew what had to be done, you would have already done it!

We closed the session with a clear plan for the next one.

When I got #coached, I discovered things about myself that I never imagined being so deeply rooted in my head.

I started with denials, but when I began to accept them, I started working on them; and my world began to change.

I experienced the power of becoming a better version of myself every single day.


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